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EXPRIMERE is a new, modern and fast growing company with an ITALIAN SOUL.

Built in Moscow, by Italians with an extensive international experience, Exprimere has one goal only: to help You improving your business!

We provide Professional Translations, Partner Finding Programs around the World, Visa support for Russia, CSI and others countries…
and much, much more…

Whatever your business is, we can help You expanding it abroad!

Ventajas Competitivas

  • Área Protegida Para Clientes Registrados

  • Portabilidad Moderna en Todos los Dispositivos (PCs, tabletas, teléfonos…)

  • Sistemas de Carga y Descarga de los Documentos

  • Sistema de Entradas Avanzada de Soporte Prioritario a los Clientes

  • Sistemas de Pago y de Facturación En-Línea

  • Una Extensa Red de Socios y Compañeros de Trabajo en Todo el Mundo

  • Una Empresa "sin papel" y A-Política, interesada en el "Business para el Bien Social"

  • Y mucho, mucho más ...

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Algo Sobre Nuestros Servicios

  • Traducciones de libros, novelas, manuales y publicaciones

  • Traducciones legales, técnicas, médicas, financieras y de otros tipo o complejidad

  • Traducciones de discursos, presentaciones e informes

  • Traducciones notariales

  • Apoyo para la obtención de visados y permisos de trabajo en Rusia y la CEI

  • Asistencia en el registro de empresas en Rusia, CEI y UE. Asistencia comercial, fiscal y legal

  • Programas de búsqueda de socios internacionales, nuevas empresas e inversores

  • Busqueda de oportunidades de inversión en las bienes raíces

  • Y mucho más ...

Technical documents are texts of considerable semantic complexity and it is necessary that technical translators own a high level of knowledge for that specific subject, as well as the terminology and writing conventions which are needed in that field. The importance of consistent terminology in technical translations (just think for example at international patent registrations) is very crucial.

Exprimere is at the top of the worldwide standard in the legal area of translation and the translation of international contracts. And right after this, in handbook and software manual translations.

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Linguistic interpretation is the decoding of the intended meaning between users speaking different languages. This interpretation can be made in the following main ways: Simultaneous Interpretation, Consecutive, Relay et cetera …

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Business Trips and more! Sometime is even better, how we often suggest, to find professionals right “in the field”!

Professional Escorting means helping businessmen and managers with their business-trips or negotiations abroad, but this service is not merely used for international travel. Indeed, it is mainly used for small meetings or international working groups, including inside visits. It means that most of the time a Client does not require an interpreter to travel, but prefers to find a translator “in the field”. The choice, of course, is all up to the Customer’s management policies.

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Exprimere provides multi-language subtitling service for pre-recorded television programs, documentaries, films, webcasts and podcasts.

Adding subtitles to a video-file is a complex operation that requires good professional skills with different areas of expertise. For instance, in this process not only interpreters or translators are involved, but  software operators experts in video processing as well. We use the top of range softwares available and subtitles can be made in any colour, font or size; always maintaining the substance of the context in which the dialogues take place.

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Transcription Services are used to transcribe an oral text, recorded on video or audio, in a written text.

Important transcription services are for example those performed for the report of conferences and seminars.

The cost of this service can vary a lot, as well as its definition mode. it is possible in fact to define a price per word unit, or per lines or pages; or still, based on the time of speech. These modes are analysed case by case and discussed with the customer.

Of course, we can provide language transcription services in many languages.

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This is a post-production technique where a voice, which is not part of the story, says how the situation is seen in the video.

It is used in radio broadcasting, television, film, and even in theatre; as well as business presentations or documentaries.

Voice Over is often necessary when the message should be delivered in spoken form to people from another cultural context, other than the original scene.

The voiceover is recorded by a professional reader and generally requires the text to be written in his language. It is not an interpretation, but a real translation-reading. Recordings take place in an equipped studios, in order to ensure the best audio quality.

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Website localisation is the process of adapting an existing website to another culture and another language, in the target market of a foreign country. If your company is entering a foreign market then, most likely, or indeed certainly; you will need to add to your web site content in the new language of the country in which You will go to work.


The process of Software Internalisation is the process of adapting a software program in other languages, other than the original program.
It is not a mere language translation because sometimes (as in the cases of languages written from right to left) it may be necessary to carefully rework the software itself.

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This is an entire world, and we are VERY GOOD HERE TOO!

Soon, we will find on this web-site an entire section about Web-Technologies and multi-language features, and You will be able to know more about how we can build your international web.site.

First thing for You to understand is that … a web.site is not a toy! It is indeed a very powerful, complex and serious tool for your business. It require advanced programming skills and, for international purposes, high cultural and linguistic knowledge; in brief: it requires a project with a full professional team! No matter if you want your website to be built with static code or with some more or less complex CMS: we can do it!

We love PLONE more than everything! And we love WordPress, Joomla and Magento too. But there are tons of options we can give You.

We can make a quantum leap in the presentation of your content on the international market.

Just keep in touch, and we will discuss about this!

We use all the most advanced platforms for all your needs.

We can read and use all the ADOBE formats, for instance. And we use MemoQ, OmegaT and Trados for translations. Plus all the well-known platforms for internal messaging, in order to stay connected with our members 24/7. We use Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, Viber, Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail and Cloud Services as GoogleDrive, MediaFire, DropBox, oDrive etc …

All tools, with excellent features, for excellent jobs!


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