This is a post-production technique where a voice, which is not part of the story, says how the situation is seen in the video.

It is used in radio broadcasting, television, film, and even in theatre; as well as business presentations or documentaries.

Voice over is often necessary when the message should be delivered in spoken form to people from another cultural context, other than the original scene.

The voiceover is recorded by a professional reader and generally requires the text to be written in his language. It is not an interpretation, but a real translation-reading.

Recordings take place in an equipped studios, in order to ensure the best audio quality.

The general process of Voice Over in exprimere can be summarised in three steps:

STEP 1: from the original video, we get a transcription (“voice to text” in language A). Made by language experts;

STEP 2: Translation (written in language A to language text B) by native speakers or qualified bilingual;

STEP 3: Voice over (“text into voice” in language B) with bilingual native professional, actors or voice over artists.

We can provide a wide range of readers with different voices according to language, gender, age, voice tone or acting/theatre style.



Exprimere Voice-Over

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