Transcription Services are used to transcribe an oral text, recorded on video or audio, in a written text.

Important transcription services are for example those performed for the report of conferences and seminars.

The cost of this service can vary a lot, as well as its definition mode. it is possible in fact to define a price per word unit, or per lines or pages; or still, based on the time of speech. These modes are analysed case by case and discussed with the customer.

Of course, we can provide language transcription services in many languages.

The main steps for Language Transcriptions are:

STEP 1a native speaker watches videos or listens to a recorded audio and converts it into a written text.

STEP 2according to customer requests, the text can be translated into the target language by one of our professional translators.

Supported files for transcripts:

Digital Audio Files: (CDs, DVDs, podcasts, MP3, MP4, DSS, Real Player, WAV, WMA, QuickTime, FLV, ADOBE formats and many more …)
Analogic recordings: (audio and video cassettes, VHS, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, videos).


Exprimere Transcriptions

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