Exprimere provides multi-language subtitling service for pre-recorded television programs, documentaries, films, webcasts and podcasts.

Adding subtitles to a video-file is a complex operation that requires good professional skills with different areas of expertise. For instance, in this process not only interpreters or translators are involved, but  software operators experts in video processing as well. We use the top of range softwares available and subtitles can be made in any colour, font or size; always maintaining the substance of the context in which the dialogues take place.

Our clients can use the specific page created for project applications, in their private profile, and they can use our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) upload software for their files.

The building of the right teams takes place after the project evaluation, which is made by a Project Manager who takes a look at the files uploaded by the customer on our web-platform. As always, the main logic of our cost-estimations to find the right balance between quality and price.

The subtitling service in brief

  • available in various media formats such as VHS, Beta, movies and DVDs;

  • executed by qualified and experienced professionals;

  • high quality and fast project execution;

  • convertion aimed to allow an easy understanding upon reading for the end-user;

  • the “localisation” is always oriented to the respect of cultural standards of the target country;

  • typically based on Arial font with Unicode encoding (UTF8, UTF8mb4, or other).





Exprimere Voice-Over

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