Business Trips and more! Sometime is even better, how we often suggest, to find professionals right “in the field”!

Professional Escorting means helping businessmen and managers with their business-trips or negotiations abroad, but this service is not merely used for international travel. Indeed, it is mainly used for small meetings or international working groups, including inside visits. It means that most of the time a Client does not require an interpreter to travel, but prefers to find a translator “in the field”. The choice, of course, is all up to the Customer’s management policies.

Service Features:

  • It is useful for small groups, international meetings or face-to-face interviews, etc.

  • It is also useful when the interpreter is required in the accompanying trips abroad.

  • Interpretation can usually be done “consecutively” or with the “chouchoutage” technique (where the interpreter simply sits close to the person which needs to listen to a translation, and translate the message close to their hear). All of this, of course, can be evaluated case by case according to the Customer’s preferences.

  • This service does not require dedicated equipment.


In Exprimere, we can provide interpreters in most countries around the world (whether it’s China, USA, UK, Germany, France, Brazil, Spain, Italy or any other country, we will arrange an interpreter for you).

And of course, we have a very large number of interpreters and translators inside Russia and the CIS.



Exprimere Professionals

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