Website localisation is the process of adapting an existing website to another culture and another language, in the target market of a foreign country.

If your company is entering a foreign market then, most likely, or indeed certainly; you will need to add to your web site content in the new language of the country in which You will go to work.

This task may require programming skills and not only of cultural and linguistic knowledge. But even in this, here in exprimere we are good with software programming and web-site building and we are ready to advise you on the best strategy; no matter if your web-site is built with Plone or Joomla, Magento, WordPress, static HTML or other web technologies. We can make a quantum leap in the presentation of your content on the international market.

Benefits of website translation by Exprimere are:

  • Strategic Advise regarding the Localisation Process – We need to understand, at this stage, your linguistic needs. Having done this we draw together with the Client a list of focal points that will be the main part of communication in the new target markets.
  • Partial Translations – In order to minimalize costs it is possible to just translate only one part of your website (and the keywords in it).
    This is a conservative approach, but still effective for international communication.
  • Full Website Translation – Complete website translation requires a blend of technical and linguistic skills. But no worries! Our professional team works closely with you to provide a comprehensive website solution, which will incorporate both cultural differences and relevant industry terminologies.


The process of Software Internalisation is the process of adapting a software program in other languages, other than the original program.
It is not a mere language translation because sometimes (as in the cases of languages written from right to left) it may be necessary to carefully rework the software itself.

In short, we offer you:

  • Counseling for correct localisation
  • Strategy Planning

Our high-standard techniques for Software Localisation include:

  • website localisation for the software infrastructure, visual environment replication, source control, search for bugs or system flaws, a carefully targeted analysis to the best possible management of the life cycle of the website or the software itself (sometimes it can be much cheaper to redesign the site, app or software program “almost” from scratch, instead of spending huge sums adjusting work that may be too complexed and not entirely valid).
  • Translation of all user interface elements, such as text strings, dialogue boxes, menus and error messages.
  • Translation of user-accounts, online documentation, printed manuals, packaging and so on.


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