There are many, many reasons why discounts are BAD for business.

They show «lack of confidence», they show how much a seller charge for a good, or a service; and many other reasons.

Are You really happy when You see that a good is sell with a 50% discount? In that case, what is the «real price» that good? Maybe 30%, or even 20% of the usual price the seller sells it! Right?

In Exprimere, when we see something with a 50% discount we simply get ANGRY and we use to do not buy.

But at the same time. Customers love discounts! That’s true! So, in brief:

YES. We do offer some discount!

We do that just to make our Customer happy and just in order to build a good and profitable relation with them. The price we pay for that, is usually a very low profit for us.That’s why we do not really give discounts often. Fidelization is our magic word!

Our discount classes are:

  • 3% для заказов > 25 стандартных страниц;

  • 5% для заказов > 55 стандартных страниц;

  • 7% для заказов > 100 стандартных страниц;

  • 10% для заказов > 200 стандартных страниц;

A Стандартная Страница is, in Теории и Практике Перевода, a page made by 1.800 characters. Including spaces.

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