Professional Translations are NOT easy!

Technical documents are texts of considerable semantic complexity and it is necessary that technical translators own a high level of knowledge for that specific subject, as well as the terminology and writing conventions which are needed in that field. The importance of consistent terminology in technical translations (just think for example at international patent registrations) is very crucial.

The highly repetitive nature of technical writing, allows translation agencies to use modern tools for computer aided translation software, assisted translation memories and terminology databases and specific data. This approach is now largely inevitable and highly desirable for both professionals and for Clients themselves.

In Exprimere we constantly aim to achieve a high standard of quality, speed and consistency within a minimal time-frame. Our project management team have the ability to refer to multiple translation memories available on the internet and databases stored in our proprietary servers and thanks to our extensive network of technical translators and experts from around the world, we are able to develop our own Translation Memories for large industries such as healthcare, education and training, international trade, electronics and so on.

A high level of technical and software competence is indeed vital in a modern world!

In Exprimere we have heavily invested in technology and we will continue to invest more in the future. In fact we are not even taking profits out this year and we will not do this until at least the 2025. We simply pay our bills and our salaries, and then everything is constantly re-invested to exponentially increase the technological capacity of the company. This policy allows us to pay our co-workers even before we get payed by our Clients; and at the same time this explains why we need to build strong and reliable relationships with them. We do NOT like risk so we can not permit ourselves to go into a wrong partnership with a customer who may not pay his bills. We want to be honest and safe; and we expect the same from all our Partners and Clients.


Exprimere is at the top of the worldwide standard in the legal area of translation and the translation of international contracts. And right after this, in handbook and software manual translations.

Try us. We will not disappoint You!



  • Translation of books, manuals and publication

  • Legal, technical, medical, financial and other kinds of translations

  • Translation of speeches, presentations and reports

  • Notarized translations

  • Employment and visa support for Russia and CIS

  • Assistance with company registrations and financial documents in Russia, CSI and European Union

  • Performing search for investors and startups, assistance establishing business relations

  • Search for Investments opportunities in Real Estate

  • And more …

Exprimere Professionals

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