16 10, 2018

Vacancy 187 – Russian Japanese Translation

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Друзья добрый день. Нам надо перевести 3 страниц. Дальше есть пример. Посмотрите пожалуйста и сообщите сроки и стоимость. Также просим вам отправить нам резюме и сказать если есть ли у вас ИП или ООО Спасибо большое! MAIN LANGUAGES: RUSSIAN <-> JAPANESE

16 10, 2018

Vacancy 186 – Book Translations

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Dear friends, good morning. For a very big Russian publishing company we are looking for a translator agreed to translate a book from English into Russian. Such a big company as this one choose the price itself. По срокам - 1 ноября. Авторский лист - это 40.000 знаков. Объем книги - 9 авторских листов. [...]

18 06, 2018

Vacancy 183 – Interpreters Needed in Moscow and Russia

2018-06-18T14:33:00+01:00By |Categories: Jobs and Career|

Dear friends, good morning everybody. Consecutive and Simultaneous interpreters are needed in Moscow, especially and maybe in some other country of Russia. Exprimere is building a tender division and we will partecipate in many tender starting from autumn 2018. To do this, we need to expand our network of professionals, so You are welcome [...]

18 06, 2018

Vacancy 184 – RUS-ESP Translators Needed

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Dear friends, good morning everybody.Russian Translators with SPANISH L2 could be needed.Exprimere is expanding its database for future possible cooperation.We invite all Russian-Italian translators to send us their professional details using a special form used on our site at the URL: Vacancy 184: RUS-ESP Translators Needed. LANGUAGES: RUSSIAN SPANISH [...]

14 05, 2018

Vacancy 185 – RUS-ITA Translators Needed

2018-06-18T14:28:23+01:00By |Categories: Jobs and Career|

Dear friends, good morning everybody. Russian Translators with ITALIAN L2 could be needed. Exprimere is expanding its database for future possible cooperation. We invite all Russian-Italian translators to send us their professional details using a special form used on our site at the URL: Vacancy 185: RUS-ITA Translators Needed LANGUAGES: RUSSIAN ITALIAN   [...]

23 12, 2016

Professional Translations and Related Services

2017-01-10T15:31:05+01:00By |Categories: Exprimere Services, Professional Translations|

Professional Translations are NOT easy! Technical documents are texts of considerable semantic complexity and it is necessary that technical translators own a high level of knowledge for that specific subject, as well as the terminology and writing conventions which are needed in that field. The importance of consistent terminology in technical translations (just think for example at international [...]

23 12, 2016

Language Interpretation and Interpreting Service

2016-12-23T18:40:36+01:00By |Categories: Exprimere Services, Professional Translations|

Linguistic interpretation is the decoding of the intended meaning between users speaking different languages. This interpretation can be made in the following main ways: Simultaneous Interpretation Where the interpreter listens to a speaker, talking in his/her native language and rapidly translates, simultaneously; to make sense of the message to another speaker of [...]

23 12, 2016

Business and Professional Escorting

2016-12-23T18:31:17+01:00By |Categories: Exprimere Services, Professional Translations|

Business Trips and more! Sometime is even better, how we often suggest, to find professionals right "in the field"! Professional Escorting means helping businessmen and managers with their business-trips or negotiations abroad, but this service is not merely used for international travel. Indeed, it is mainly used for small meetings or international working groups, including inside [...]

28 11, 2016

L18N – Software & WebSite Localization

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Website localisation is the process of adapting an existing website to another culture and another language, in the target market of a foreign country. If your company is entering a foreign market then, most likely, or indeed certainly; you will need to add to your web site content in the new language of the country in which You will go [...]

28 11, 2016

Transcription Services

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Transcription Services are used to transcribe an oral text, recorded on video or audio, in a written text. Important transcription services are for example those performed for the report of conferences and seminars. The cost of this service can vary a lot, as well as its definition mode. it is possible in fact to define a [...]

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