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What does “Exprimere” mean?2018-03-02T11:43:46+01:00

Exprimere Ltd is a Russian company, that’s true! But at the same time, its founder is Italian. So, the word «Exprimere» comes from the Latin Language, and it means: «take something out», «to explain», «to represent something», «to express a meaning or a feeling» …

We thought this is a very suitable meaning for a Translation and an International Company. Because this is exactly what we try to do: to explain and express meaning, and even feelings. This is, in brief, what we believe it means to be a great Language Service Provide as we strongly want to be.

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How do you evaluate your Customer Retention Rate?2018-04-18T11:24:34+01:00

In order to calculate the Customer Retention Rater, there are three pieces of information we need to use.

  1. E is the number of customer at the end of a period;
  2. N is the number of new customers acquired during that period;
  3. is the number of customers at the start of that period.

We are interested in the number of customers remaining at the end of the period without counting the number of new customers acquired. Remaining customers can be calculated by subtracting N from E. To calculate the percentage, we divide that number by the total number of customers at the start and multiply by 100.

So, in formula, we have: ((E-N)/S)*100

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Exprimere Visit Card

EXPRIMERE Ltd. - 107113, Moscow, Russia; Sokol'nicheskaya pl. Bld 4A, off. 34
VAT: 7718286180.

Bank Details for Payments in ” USD “

Beneficiary's name: EXPRIMERE
Beneficiary's address: Pl. Sokolnicheskaya,
D. 4A, pom. IV, K. G. Moscow, Russia

Beneficiary acc. No: 40702840401300003324
Beneficiary's bank: AO «ALFA-BANK»
Beneficiary's bank address:
27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078.

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